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Full Version: Part 92842 PROPELLER 3 BLADES M/Ø4,8
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Hi everybody.

Currently I try to build the set 4473 and now I am missing this propellor.

I have not yet looked into LDD for this part, so maybe someone can extract that part from there.
Just looked into LDD and yes, the part is there. So maybe someone can extract that part from there Smile.
I have now extracted my first part from LDD Smile.

It is not that complicated like I thought, but it isn't easy either.

If someone has the skill to bring this onto the PT I would be very happy.
My suggestion to anyone who takes it up would be to use one of the blades as a subpart then rotate it 120 degrees twice more.
The central structure should then be replaced entirely with primitives.
Yes, that's correct. But the author should be aware of the edges, where the blades intersect the outside of the peghole.
Well, I've started working on it.