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Full Version: Problems with latest partlist in POV-Ray 3.7?
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I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what is going on. I'm having errors with the latest 2013_1 partslist file update. I've gone as far as uninstalling EVERY ldraw file, part, and AI and reinstalled from scratch...same problem. I've exported the file from MLCad to POVRay via LDView with LGEO .xml reference. If I don't allow primitive substitution, it doesn't error, but this makes for much grainier surfaces too.

The error I get is in "LDX_s_slash_86500s01_dot_dat_in_part" definition, and specifically, it is complaining about an undefined "LDX_48_slash_1_dash_12ri38_dot_dat_in_part". If I comment this out to see if that is all, it seems there are MULTIPLE issues with the *ri.dat includes???

I suspect you have run into an LDView bug. Which version of LDView are you using?

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Hello Travis. Version is 4.1 from Dec 2009. Think that is the latest one. I noticed there was "new" change log entries to enable the *ri.dat primitives, but it is strange that it was working fine before this latest 2013_01 parts update? I guess I should try to uninstall everything and revert to the 2012_03 parts update and see if it still works (but it was working before with a model I'm using). If you need me to get you more details of the exact piece or a small sample .ldr that it is failing on, I can try to distill it down to probably a single piece (though there were multiple failures, so more pieces are likely).



*edit* You know, I'm going to have to correct that last statement. At least, as I try to distill this down, the area that appears to be failing is for a model incorporated in a larger scene that I can't say I've ever had working before, and so, very likely is *not* new with the part update. I have a failure in part 2x2 round 4150ps4.dat: LDX_1_dash_16ri19_dot_dat_in_part now as well. I *thought* had had files not rendering after the parts update, but so far, I can't find one that was working before that isn't working still...

*second edit* Here is link to smallest .ldr I could distill it down to (a single placement of a light grey 4150ps4.dat): http://lego.velociworks.com/4150ps4.ldr

and the resulting POV file with primitive's on: http://lego.velociworks.com/4150ps4.pov
and a "good" POV that works with primitive subs off: http://lego.velociworks.com/good_4150ps4.pov

*third edit* Final note: I can't seem to toggle the failure with LGEO XML checked or inline POV option...so it is exclusively in the primitive substitution as the only thing that will make it pass. If you need me to track down additional parts it is "offended by" I can certainly look.
Thank you for your detailed description and test model. As far as I can tell, this is a bug that is fixed in LDView 4.2 Beta 1. Your test model worked with that release for me. I would suggest trying that. I'm not sure that all of these problems are fixed in that release, so if you have another model causing problems and can distill it down, please post another test model.

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Gah! *smack myself on the forehead*

I didn't even realize there was a 4.2 (Beta anything), as I had clicked on the sourceforge change history, and only seen 4.1. Thanks for a GREAT program and wonderful support. I've used this for years now. Wonderful stuff, and I love to see what looks like a revitalization of a lot of the tools, documents (from Hollywood) and some pretty cool stuff.

I'll grab that from the downloads and make sure it fixes the problems. Again, thanks a million!


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Bingo. That workie perfect. Thanks!