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Full Version: LDview and batch processing ldraw parts
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I trying to create some part pictures with a batch file i found on holly-wood.it
This is my second attept and it got a bit better. First i did not get any result but now i got a few pictures before it poped up with an old friend "Ldview need to close". This on my best computer (12 GB memory 3,2 quad core Intel running win 7 64 bit, ATI radon HD 68xx ) with the setting in Ldview on memory usage to low.
The batch was all parts from 3001.dat to 3089.dat. Since i got the same problem with Ldview need to close on my first attemt also, so i shorted the number off parts it needed to process. When it had processed 3004pt6.dat it stopped with the message and pressing cansel let it go on but did not create any pictures and it poped up on and on.
The currently released (as well as Beta) LDView has bugs that cause what you are trying to do to fail (crash). They have nothing to do with machine configuration. I discovered and fixed them when I attempted to do the same thing myself in order to create the PDF LDraw catalog. If you tell me what OS you're using, I should be able to get you a development build that will work. For OS, I just need to know Mac, Linux, or Windows, and 32-bit or 64-bit. (I'm guessing Windows, since you're using Willy's tutorial, although the same command line arguments still work on Linux and Mac.)
OK, so this will be fixed in the next version.
By the way, Im running Windows 7 64 bit as i wrote in the first message but it may drowned in the configuration information of my PC.
I used the batch file from the site. I only removed the two bottom lines.
Petter Lerdahl Wrote:... with a batch file i found on holly-wood.it

Hurray! A user! ... cheers ;-)

Willy, I found your page when i first tried the Ldview batch file. My plan was to use the pictures in a program i plan.
Since i did not got it to work, i gave up and moved on to some other alternate solution. But have not done anything with it before my previously posting here.
My plan was to read the parts dat file and show it in the program. First was just have a picture of the part showed. Looks like this is the solution i go for, at the moment until i figure out the code in the program i found that render the part from dat file. But it have some color problem.
My program is still in very early stage and not mutch have been done yet :-). Just planning and testing.