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Full Version: LDraw All-In-One-Installer 2013-01 now available
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The LDraw All-In-One-Installer 2013-01, in short AIOI, has been released.

The AIOI supports Windows XP (Home and Pro), Windows Vista (all versions) and Windows 7 (all versions). On 64-Bit Operating Systems it will install in the "Program files (x86)" folder. The Installer will NOT run on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT Ver 4, 2000, or XP below SP2.

  • Removed Non-CA Parts Library
  • Unified license pages
  • LDFind added
  • LDMakeList 2.12 added and made it the primer Parts.lst generator
  • Parts.lst is sorted with LDMakeList's -p and -a option, which sorts by description with the patterns at the end of the list and excludes alias files
  • MKList moved to a subfolder as backup
  • Rewrote the search routine for Pov-Ray and added a browse dialog asking for the location of Pov-Ray in case it couldn't be found

There are currently some issues with the registration of a file needed by Sticker Generator when installing on Windows 8.

You can download the AIOI from:

Home > Help > Get Started > LDraw All-In-One-Installer

Many thanks to all the programers who contributed to this release.

Willy Tschager
(LDraw.org Content Manager)

I have downloaded the LDraw_AIOI_2013-01_setup_32bit_v1.exe installer.
When i try to make a complete install it comes op with 4 file not found errors and one xml file not found.
and it then can't find the pov-ray installer.

it does this on both my win 7 workstation and on my new win 8 workstation.
See the attached .txt (renamed zip) file for screendumps.

When i use LDraw_AIOI_2012-03_setup_32bit_v1.exe on win 7, none of the above errors happens.
But it will not install on win 8 due to an direct x 9 error.
This error does not happen on Win 8.

Can anyone help me with this or is it an error in the installer ??

Kind regards
Please post the "Setup Log.txt" file in:


Thx, w.

The file have been attached.
Rename to .zip

Kind Regards
Many thanks, I'll see that's might wrong. Could you finally posta screenshot of your UAC settings?


I have attached a .zip file containing a screenshot of my UAC settings and a screenshot of the user i have logged in with.
as you can see the user i have testet with is the admin, so it should not be a security issue.

Kind Regards
Sticker Generator is written in Visual Basic 6 and is very very old! This would be a good opportunity for someone new to re-write it or create their own better version.

The VB6 source code is still on my website for anyone wanting a headstart:

Hi Willy

Have you found out what goes wrong with my installation ?

Kind Regards
No, since I rewrote the entire POVRAY module and made extensive changes throughout the script between 2012-03 and 2013-01 things are quite nasty + I have limited time right now. I'll post here if I've got something ready to test.

Ok, thanks.
It appears that the setup prog cannot create or write in a temporary folder. All so called "Primer files" - the PovRAY setup file is among them - will be extracted from the setup executable to the setup executable's temporary directory before the installation process begins so they can be used at the very start of the installation process, right after the user runs the setup executable.

All these file couldn't be found in your C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\_ir_sf_temp_0\ directory at a later point. I have no clues why this has happened. My guessing is that it is bound to access rights. Anyway you can force the setup executable to use an alternate directory. Find below an extract from the installer help file:


/T:<<file path>>
Every setup executable requires some temporary space on the user's hard drive during the installation process. By default, Setup Factory uses the user's TEMP directory for extracting temporary files and other miscellaneous operations. You can force the setup executable to use an alternate directory by using the /T command line option.

The syntax for the /T option is:

/T:<<file path>>

Replace "<<file path>>" with the path to the folder you want the setup executable to use for its temporary files. (Be sure to put quotes around the entire argument if the path includes any spaces.) If the folder doesn't already exist on the user's system, it will be created automatically.

For example:

"C:\Downloads\setup.exe" "/T:C:\My Temp Dir"

(forces the installer to use "C:\My Temp Dir" for temporary files)


Bye, w.
Hi Willy

sorry for the long delay.
I have finally gotten arround to test your solution.
It still comes up with the error: the file could not be found.
I have logged in as the local administrator and i have set the parameter to T:C:\temp\udpakket.
And the folder has full access rights.

When the installation started I looked in the folder and there was a lot of files there.
among those was the POVRay installer. But when the installation starts it deletes all but two files:
irsetup.exe and lua5.1.dll
then later it complains that it can't find the POVRay installer.

Kind Regards
Do you start the commandline as Admin? And/or do you get an error message while using the parameter?

Hi Max

Yes i started the command prompt as admin.
and no errors when using the /T parameter only later during the install.
It is after installing the DirectX that it deletes all but two of the files in the temp folder.

I use this installer: LDRAW_AIOI_2013_01_setup_32bit_v1.exe
I install logged in as local admin, and it is on Windows 8 Pro.
And i make a full installation

Hi again

I have tryed again to install and this time i did the following:
1. start the installation (full install) with /T C:\temp\udpakket
2. when installation waits for me to proceed i copy all files in folder to a different folder
3. start installation and wait until directx has finished.
4. after directx has finished and while it is installing the next component, copoy all files back.
5. now the installation succedes.

this is really strange behavior - I have to investigate. Thanks for the head-up.

As windows 7 and 8 come with directx 11, would it not make sense to just disable the installation of directx 9?
I have just checked my Windows 8 with dxdiag and it says that directx 11 is installed, so it does not seem that mlcad needs the older version. Or am i mistaking?

I don't think MLCad uses DirectX, but other packages like SR3D do.
I still don't understand why we won't just offer the loose downloads on the download page, like we did on the old site.

I know about the wiki pages but I can't help thinking it belongs on the main site.
Someone has to put the work in to actually get the information up. And that someone isn't going to be me. But the wiki page can easily be brought across to the main site if the information is already there.

This is correct. Please read:


Quote:System requirements

- MS Windows XP-SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 in both 32 or 64 bit version
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
- Latest version of Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
- LDraw Official LEGO* Parts Library (included in the release) can be updated for free from www.ldraw.org