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Full Version: Ribbed hose 7mm D 19 ribs to 35 ribs extention
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i noticed after the last update there are 2 types of tubes.
13 and 19 ribbed hoses. can someone extend the hose 19 ribbed one to an 35 ribbed one?
hope this isn't to much a deal.

It isn't such a big deal, but as I don't know a set with such long ribbed hose, I can not do such a part.

See http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=78c11
LEGO design number for this length is 71986
Sorry my fault. I thought he is searching a 35 L (700 LDU) version of this hose.
Should we make all parts as we did with flex-hoses and flexible axles, too?

At least for the inventory it would be a good idea to have each length with the right part number in the library.
I think it would be a good idea too. But I also think that these parts should be renamed by length instead of number of ribs.
Brickset lists a number of ribbed hoses with length and proper design number. http://www.brickset.com/parts/search/?query=corrugated
this hose is curently in set 42007 "the dirtbike" maybe it's in more.
but it was from my side just an idea to increase the number of parts.
For this one maybe an small adjustment for an existing one.


that site of brickset.com i will visite more in the future. ;-)
william howard made the 71944 19 ribs hose and i used his model as an example to make the 35 ribbed one.
did i do something good or should i stay away from these programs?

Looks good to me... just needs a file header and it could go straight to the parts tracker IMO.
Should also use main color (color 16) instead of gray (7)
im really sorry but im an noob to this.
is there an tutorial to making and naming parts?
changing color i can do, but what to put in the file header?
putting things together i can, but need to learn a lot. ;-)


p.s. is a file header something like:

Name: 71986.dat
Author: Remco Canten [RemcoC]
!LDRAW_ORG Part UPDATE 2013-08
!LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0
Technic Ribbed Hose 35 ribs


!HISTORY 2013-08-02 [PTadmin] Official Update 2013-08
The header structure is documented here.
That's what I meant - just use DATHeader for that, it takes care of this stuff for you.
should it be something like this?

changed name, orientation, color and descriptions.
Let's settle a bit the naming and orientation discussion... Yes, the orientation is now like other ribbed hoses, but origin is wrong. to match other ribbed hoses, it should be in the middle of the part. Try turning on the axis view in LDView to check that Wink
first colored the centre one black and used it as an directional.
after i centered that one with the rest hanging on i turned color back.

middle piece is at 0.000,0.000,0.000.


p.s. how can i on the parts tracker reply to what others say?
or uploading an improved part?
Yes, origin is OK now Smile

Quote:p.s. how can i on the parts tracker reply to what others say?
Use a "review" with novote option.
Quote:or uploading an improved part?
Just the same as a new part, but don't forget to check "Replace existing file"
Well, I can do quick review here too,
1. The part is OK now
2. The header is wrong:
It should be:

0 Ribbed Hose [lenght in Studs] (Please note that this part has somehow 10.5 Studs, I think we should investigate here)
0 Name: 71986.dat
0 Author: Remco Canten [Rempie]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt



0 !HISTORY 2013-08-03 [Rempie] Creation (or whatever you did)

Please notice my comment in the PartsTracker, too.

thnx for al the info you give me.
got any more for me to crack my skull at? ;-)
im still new at this all but willing to learn.
Well, at least there is a list of numbers at Brickset, but I can't figure out how to read it.

Currently at the Part Tracker we have:
72504, 2L, uncoloured
72706, 3L, uncoloured
71952, 4L, uncoloured
71944, 6L, uncoloured
71951, 8L, uncoloured
71986, 11L, uncoloured
43675, 19L, uncoloured
4506910, 4L, black (referring to 71952)

According to the list at Brickset, the numbers used are:
72504, 2L, silver metallic OR black
72706, 3L, black
71952, 4L, bright bluish green
71944, 6L, silver metallic OR black
71951, 8L, bright bluish green
71986, 11L, black
43675, 19L, trans light blue
4506910, 4L, black (referring to 59905)

In the list at Brickset there are 9 different DesignID for a Ribbed Hose, 2L, but which number should be used in the uncoloured file?
Is 72504 the correct partnumber to use as a uncoloured part?
Are the current partnumbers for Ribbed hoses at the PT used correctly?
thats cool.
gonna have a look with the hoses i already put on PT and ad the colored ones.
will be there in a week. (workhours wear me out) ;-)

and on Peeron the hoses are named 78 without any solid length name or color.
if you can tell me, what is wrong with the ones on PT and/or what partnumber should be used,
i am all ears.

and on brincklink they are named as 78c02 without any color.

maybe its an good idea to name the uncolored one 72504
and the colored one with the original partnumber used by lego (4113299 for black).
Why does the pink hose (71947) deviate from the other hoses?

In order to match counted number of ribs and theoretical length I had to adjust pitch on this one. As said, there are lots of discrepancy between similar parts...

The pink hose in the example is now corrected, but I have found more deviations in this set of hoses.
Have a look in this chart. (green parts are official)


Two official hoses are wrong
The Keywords info is wrong in 71986. It should be 88mm long, since every hose gets 8 mm longer.
And the hose 71951 should have another rib. Every hose I have counted has 25 ribs, not 24.

I'll fix them.
After all three deviating parts are corrected, the image now looks like this.

Green hoses are official parts.
Salmon hoses are the new hoses uploaded by Philo.
Yellow hose is adjusted to correct number of ribs.
Blue hoses are corrected and recycled at the PT.