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Full Version: Ribbed hose 7mm D 19 ribs to 35 ribs extention
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thats cool.
gonna have a look with the hoses i already put on PT and ad the colored ones.
will be there in a week. (workhours wear me out) ;-)

and on Peeron the hoses are named 78 without any solid length name or color.
if you can tell me, what is wrong with the ones on PT and/or what partnumber should be used,
i am all ears.

and on brincklink they are named as 78c02 without any color.

maybe its an good idea to name the uncolored one 72504
and the colored one with the original partnumber used by lego (4113299 for black).
Why does the pink hose (71947) deviate from the other hoses?

In order to match counted number of ribs and theoretical length I had to adjust pitch on this one. As said, there are lots of discrepancy between similar parts...

The pink hose in the example is now corrected, but I have found more deviations in this set of hoses.
Have a look in this chart. (green parts are official)


Two official hoses are wrong
The Keywords info is wrong in 71986. It should be 88mm long, since every hose gets 8 mm longer.
And the hose 71951 should have another rib. Every hose I have counted has 25 ribs, not 24.

I'll fix them.
After all three deviating parts are corrected, the image now looks like this.

Green hoses are official parts.
Salmon hoses are the new hoses uploaded by Philo.
Yellow hose is adjusted to correct number of ribs.
Blue hoses are corrected and recycled at the PT.

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