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Full Version: Component file missing from latest part update.
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I recently downloaded and added the new and updated parts in the latest part update. Later when I opened one of my active LDraw projects to continue working on it I got this error message:

File Stg3-1x3.dat not found!

It seems that part #4625, Hinge Tile 1 x 4 was modified and now calls for a file called stug3-1x3.dat, but that dat file is missing. Incase the file was lost somehow when I updated the parts library, I decided to temporarily move my existing LDraw installation to my desktop and install another copy of the pre-update version. I did so and searched for the file called for using the built-in search function of Windows 8. There is no file by that name anywhere in any of LDraw's folder/file structure.

Perhaps someone forgot to include the needed stug file...
I think that you perhaps need to update your official library...
stug3-1x3.dat was in the 2012-2 release.
OK Thanks, I went back and looked up part update 2012-2, downloaded a copy and took the needed dat file from it. I originally installed LDraw using the All-In-One installer. It seems that the AIO installer isn't up to date and is missing that file, it might also be missing other files too. Someone should take a closer look at it.
It depends on when you downloaded the All In One Installer. If you look in your LDraw/Models folder, there should be a set of Note[YYNN]CA.txt files (e.g. Note1101CA.txt), one for each parts update listed here.

It is important that you install the updates in chronological sequence - so if your latest update is 2012-01 (Note1201CA.txt), you should install the entire 2012-02 update (not just one or two files) before installing 2012-03 and 2013-01. Then you will be up-to-date.
Ahmed Elhassan Wrote:It seems that the AIO installer isn't up to date and is missing that file, it might also be missing other files too.

I've got some serious doubts about this 'cos every time I build a new AIOI I copy fresh files of the single libraries:


to the AIOI.

I don't understand what I'm seeing. There are no text files in the Models folder that is inside the LDraw folder in My Documents. And there is no models folder anywhere in the main installation folder that's inside the Program Files(x86) folder. I suspect that this is do to my Operating System. I use Windows 8, and I am beginning to think that the All In One Installer isn't fully compatible with Win8. Something in this OS might be preventing the AIOI from installing LDraw completely or properly.

I am at loss for any other explanation.
Nothing wrong with your system. The cited folder gets ripped from the AIOI and substituted with the models folder you'll find in your Documents folder. The version of the AIOI you're using can be identified via the installed progs or the "Setup Log.txt" you can find in:


In the log you'll also find confirmation if a file has been installed or not.

I am beginning to think that I should just go and download the previous part updates and add them to my collection. But I am not sure how far back I should go. Will I at some point end up downloading files that I don't need because they are already included in the All In One Installer? Also, I checked the installed programs and the version of the All In One Installer I have is version 2012-01
The best thing for you to do in this case is to simply re-download the entire library. You can find the file here:
This file is an always up to date zip of the entire library.