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Full Version: Problems with Ldview and Lpub
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Quote:But Ldview still crash with this file also. But not when used with Lpub.
LPub does force some LDView parameters, that might explain the different behaviour. On my side, I had no problem with this file and LDView, either directly or through LPub. It's nonetheless a BIG file, with significant loading time.
Thanks. This problem is now solved. But I have problems to run Ldview on some computers. It just crash on one and getting message about C++ library closing on another computer. Chould this bee that those computers only have 4 GB ram?
The one with C++ messages happend when exit the proram and the message pop up few seconds later saying that "the visual C++ library wanted to be closed by Ldview.exe please contact program support". I loaded a small model and it came up OK but got error when i exited the program.
I have Travis on another part of the tread about the crash and error message when only using ldview.
But thanks for the help with the file.
It's highly likely that you're running out of memory. I believe that LPub instructs LDView to run in low-memory mode. You can set "Memory Usage" to "Low" on the General tab of LDView's preferences to have it run in low-memory mode when loading the file directly. It's also worth noting that LPub creates a custom file for LDView for every step, and until it gets to the last step, the file won't have all the parts in it, so will be smaller and use less memory than the whole file would.
Looking at the file, I see that it's large, but it doesn't seem to be THAT large. You might also check the "Curve quality" setting on the Primitives tab of LDView's preferences. I would strongly recommend setting it to its default value, which is the second notch (the one right next to the left-most one).
I have change the setting and it looks like it works. But i think the problem realy is the robot file. When i load the old one i put up here, It crash the LDview on exit. If i load the changed one. The one i got from Phillipee, it works fine. I tested with some small lego models from the models catalog and one big space ship of MOC and the Cafe Corner model. All worked fine. At one time i had the robot model and Cafe corner loaded up at one. Around 5000 pices together. Had no problems. thanks for all help.
Back again.
I was playing with the settings in perference with loaded a standard brick 2x4 (3001.dat)
When i checked Use high primitives when avaliable, the border of the brick disapeard. I unchecked it again and applied but no change. Suddenly I got black background and i changed it back to white but i still got no border. I tried a reboot and fixed the color problem. Even a reset of setting did not change the border problem.

I also tried the BFC setting but turned those back to default when problem appeard.
I have been playing around with the code of the BFC tool program and having a strange colour problem. But when i saw the BFC setting in Ldview, i wanted to see if the same happend here. That was the reason for messing with the setting.
I think i fixed the problem again. But why is Ldview changing background color when click reset on the General screen.
I tested now and when i press reset the color goes from white to black.
The default colore is white is it?. I have not changed this.
LDView's default background color is, and always has been, black.
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