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Full Version: Problems with Ldview and Lpub
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The Ldview load just fine but sometimes gives the following error on Ldview.exe
"Runtime error ! This application has requested the runtime to be terminated in a n unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. " Heading on this window is Microsoft Visual C++ Library.
If i press oK (only option) i can still use the program but it will popup later on.
I have to assume that English is not your native language. Please find someone to translate my question into your native language, because after two attempts on my part, you still haven't answered it.
Yes you are correct about english is not my native language (it is norwegian) but I understand and read english good to understand what is written.

If i understod you right, I answered that question in my last message.
I answered that ldview loaded just fine. I see now that I could wrote it differently. What i ment to say here was that a model file loaded fast and no problems on this computer. Thats without Lpub

On the other hand i have the error message when i load a model on one other computer.
Was this the answer you wanted or have you given up to get the answer and I'm still not understand what you ask for?

Where can you disable this. I can not find it in Lpub. I have checked but cant find it.
Chould the reason for no adding steps be that there is no step commands in the file if i view it i MLcad ?
BOM generation is controlled by a meta command in your LDraw file, something like
If you remove that line, the bom and huge time it takes to create will go away.

And for sure, if you have no STEP command you'll get only one page per submodel!
Otherwise, if you post your LDraw file here, someone can make a test to see if lpub loading time is indeed excessive...
I think we found the problem about the long delay. It was the first time generation of files into Lpub that made this. Second time it was fast loading.
I have attached the file. Found it on a page where someone had buildt a lego building machine. I wanted to take a closer look on it and downloaded the file.
Lpub only make first page with part list and a picture of the model. It has several sub models.
On some computers the Ldview just crash when loading it. Thats when loading it in Ldview alone. Have tested with another model on the same computer and it loaded fine in Ldview.
May be there is a problem in the file?
Quote:May be there is a problem in the file?
Indeed, the file is strangely built. All submodels are properly stepped, but main model duplicates them in (non-stepped) groups. Attached a tentative correction. It does load in LPub and generates a 450 pages BI! But it may not be directly usable, it should probably need rotation steps in some places to display the interesting area. Creating good building instructions is an art, that requires a lot of patience!
Thanks, I tested the file and got a first page with first step. I shall see what i going to do with it.
I have seen the sub models file with no step. That is why I suspected the step command was the problem.
But Ldview still crash with this file also. But not when used with Lpub.
The instruction for the robot was found here http://www.battlebricks.com/makerlegobot/
You answered my question. If LDView itself were having huge problems with the file (or differences based on the file extension), then it would be something for me to investigate, but since the slowness is in LPub, it's not something I can do anything about.
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