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Full Version: Problems with Ldview and Lpub
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I have downloaded a model from internet (around 272KB) Its a Lego Technic NXT model.
First i get an subfile error on x538c01.dat i LDview. Then it shows up. But to use the program is terrible slow.
In LPub it takes up to 5-10 min before anything shows up.
I wonder what type of "super" computer i need if not a 3,2Ghz Intel quadcore CPU 12 GB ram running on windows 7 64bit can do it.
I also tied other computers but with different results. From error from visual C++ libary form LDview to slow computer.
But those had only 4GB ram but a 3 and 2 Ghz cpu.

If i do anything in Lpub it moves ok but when finished with the move the computer tinking in 5-10 sek before i can do anything again.
I also tried to find what type of part the x538c01.dat is but have not ben able to identify it.
First I have no idea about your LPub problem but for your other problem there could be a solution
Petter Lerdahl Wrote:I also tried to find what type of part the x538c01.dat is but have not ben able to identify it.

I just did a google search and the second or third result showed me a parts list a such a robot.
There the part is called:

"Technic Axle Flexible 26 with Axle 4 and Axle 2 on Ends" - In our library its named as u334.dat
The name is a little bit different. But this doesn't matter.

Thanks for the part nr. I changed it in the file. I still have the slow Lpub program but have started to look for what to do.
Since it is my first time to use Lpub i found it hard to work with. I found a tutorial and with my model I cant do what the tutorial tell I shoukd do. I tried the small pyramid file and had no problems. My file is a multi part. But sine i can't start or add a callout page then i'm lost for what to do next. I have the mainscreen showing a part of the model and part list partialy on top of each other.
A small update on the problem.
I got a crazy idea to rename the file from Ldr to Mpd just to se if someting happend with the add of pages problem.
That problem was not solved but it got a mutch faster loading. That whas strange ?
Shuldn't the ldr and Mpd file be simular to each other. One taking 5-10 minutes but the other takes seconds
As the author of LDView, I'd like to verify that the super slow load-time you're seeing is just with LPub when using LDView as its renderer, and not if you open the file directly in LDView. I can't think of any reason why LPub would take a super long time to load the file when it has a .ldr extension, but not with .mpd. I know that LDView ignores the extension, and simply looks at the file contents.
That was what i thougth too. I did the test again on this computer with a different file. It was a truck model made in Lego's LDD saved as Ldr. singe part. It loaded in 2-3 minutess. I changed the file extension to mpd and it loaded within 2-3 seconds.
I do not know the program the other file was made in since it was downloaded from the net. But it proves that the same happends on different files. My thrird computer is out of order at the moment. The first was my pc at work.
I have this experience if the LPUB Meta Command "BOM" is included, that takes ages to load. I usually remove this statement and keep it away till the very end of processing.
Did you try to rename it back to a *.ldr?

LPUB does some precalculation and rendering of parts, that might explain some of the duration during the first load.

Do you mind sharing the file to test it?

You never did answer my question. Does it take a long time to load directly in LDView, or just in LPub?
I renamed it back to ldr and it was as fast as the mpd. I think it was as you wrote that lpub writes files first time.
To ansver the other question. There is no problem loading the truck model in Ldview but get a crash on the downloaded model on this computer. I will check again on my work computer. I think i get som Visual C++ lib messages there.
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