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Full Version: Micro ball and socket parts
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Yes, the unofficial files needs to be placed in respective, correct folders.

Dealing with Unoffical parts are described here.
And a great tutorial is found here.
(2015-09-06, 10:07)Elspeth De Montes Wrote: [ -> ]Worked it out when I realised the 's' within the dat file name would be subpart in the parts folder.

Thanks you so so much - I am sorted :-)


Hello, I also meet the same problem as yours and cannot fix it properly although I have followed the instruction as mentioned above....or did I do sth wrong when placing the dat files?  Below is my understanding for file path of some unofficial parts.

[Image: 14704.png] 14704

"14704.dat" placed in "parts" folder and the subfile "joint-8-socket-frica.dat" placed in "p" folder? 

[Image: 14418.png] 14418
"14418.dat" placed in  "parts" folder, meanwhile subfiles "14418s01.dat" placed in "s" folder and "joint-8-socket-frica.dat" placed in "p" folder?

Pls correct me if there is any misunderstanding... Thx!!
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