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Full Version: LDraw.org 2013-01 Parts Update Now Available
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The 2013-01 LDraw Parts Update has been now been released. This update includes 539 new files in the core library, including 327 new parts and 78 new primitives. The update includes a mixture of older parts and newly issued parts.

Thanks are due to the small community of experienced and most welcome new part authors who created or corrected parts for this release. The reviewers have also played an important role to make this release happen. Of note is the inclusion of an updated version of the last remaining "non-redistributable" part, so the current library is fully covered by the Contributor Agreement and available for redistribution.

You can preview the new parts in 2013-01 and download the update by going to the Latest Parts page.

Many of the 99 certified files remaining on the LDraw Parts Tracker were held back from this update in keeping with our normal practice of not releasing new primitives or subparts until they are needed for an official part file. However, no new "Physical colour" parts are included in this update as there are plans to move these to a separate section of the LDraw file structure, to more closely fit with the "DesignID" vs. "ItemID" concept.
Great News. And I was wondering, why the PT had given me such a strange result while viewing it. :-)
Thanks Chris, you did a again a great job!

You did it again, Chris. Smile

Re: the item ID stuff, I'd still be in favor of a text file containing item IDs and the design IDs and colors they correspond to, for instance:
4211044 4070 72
4211063 3023 72
4211385 3001 71
4211388 3004 71

.. and so on. I find the current way of having a separate DAT file for each Item ID kind of bloated.
That suggestion really belongs here, but unless the CAD tools support it, it won't help the novice user who tries to use an ItemID from printed instructions or Pick-a-Brick online.
Thank you very much for the update, Chris, I have just applied it, and it ran through smoothly without trouble.
There is a typo in "Minfig":

0 Minfig Tray Oval
0 Name: 11252.dat

which needs to be corrected. I already fixed this for the AIOI.

Fixed and certified for next update.
Hello Chris,
I founded 3 parts that have come trouble:
75174p01c01 call the part 30130, but the official part is probably 6133;
2959c01 call the part 4106, but the official part is probably 2959;
43123 call the part 40344, but the official part is probably 32531.

Great job.

Quote:75174p01c01 call the part 30130, but the official part is probably 6133;
No, this is exact, 6133 is opaque while 30130 is transparent. Because the material is different, mould (thus its number) is different too.
Quote:43123 call the part 40344, but the official part is probably 32531.
Same transparent/opaque difference, but indeed, 43123 is opaque, so it should call 32531 (40344 is transparent)
Things are muddier for magnet, looks like 4106 and 2959 are aliases.
Hello Philippe,
my doubt is born from the fact that installing the updates I could not find these opaque parts. Perhaps in the midst of all the parts made, you may have missed.
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