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Full Version: Lego Mini figure stand
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Has someone made the stand part for the Lego mini figures series's? If not I would really appreciate it if someone would. It would help me tremendously.
Thank you
If you are looking for part "88646", then you can find it in the official library since update 2010-2.
It's called "Tile 3 x 4 with Four Studs"

I would say this part must be renamed to: Plate 3 x 4 with 4 Centered Studs in one Row" or something similiar...

I'd argue it's more 'tile' than 'plate' since less than half its surface has studs. But probably

"Tile 3 x 4 with Four Studs (Minifig Stand)" would be better
There was the same discussion about tiles and plates a couple of months ago.
My point of view is the same as in the past: Every part with tile geometry and with studs is a Plate. Everything with tile geometry and completely without studs is a Tile. Note that with your definition part 87580 would also be a tile.
And furthermore I don't like mentioning of possible uses of parts in their description.

87580 is a tile, in my opinion. Which shows how ridiculous setting rules based on any one person's opinion is.

Personally I don't care what system we use. But if I make a part, I will call it what I think it should be called and sort the final name out in review Smile