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Full Version: Will there be an update soon?
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Just curious. The last update was last year, and I thought the general idea was to do it about twice a year. I'd even started working on updating the Tire names so they could be included.

Just thought I'd ask (and perhaps provide a gentle reminder).
Hang in there. We like to shoot for twice a year but Chris volunteers his time as parts admin. He's prolly been busy with real life stuff just like I have for the last few months.
While we are on the subject of part updates, I would like to also point out that the parts database seems to be in need of some cleaning up work. Often when browsing through the window that shows graphical representations of the parts, I get lots of "part not found" type errors. These errors crop up way too often and are becoming a real annoyance. Someone should take the time to check the database, add in any missing files if they exist or remove the files that call for them if they don't, and just give the part database a good thorough cleaning.
Yeah, I understand, my lifes been crazy too with a new job and stuff. Just thought I'd check in and see what was up.
Could you be a bit more specific? Did you use the AIOI for install? When did you last update the library and could you provide a screenshot?

To answer some of your questions. Yes, I did use the LDraw all in one installer. I haven't added many extra parts, just one as a matter of fact. It's a part that I downloaded from the parts tracker, and I took the time to also download a subfile that it called for. As for screenshots, I'll take the time to put some together.
Yes, preparatory work has started for the next update. LDraw usually has to take a back seat in the [northern hemisphere] spring due to other interests/commitments.