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Full Version: Looking for part 30342
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Hi, i'm new here. I'm building the Imperial Star Destroyer with MLCad. The work is about 90% complete, but i cannot find the part 30342 aka "Rock Bottom with Craters" (Peeron link). It is a piece of the deflector shield generator domes on the top of the turret. I cannot find it in this list, so i think it has not been created yet. Am I wrong?
Did someone create it? If not, is someone going to create it?
I would like to help but i don't know how.

Thank you for your time.
It hasn't been made yet.

My version, found at http://www.pobursky.com/common/files/10030.mpd, cheats. You're welcome to use my technique if you'd like. Now that I think about it, I need to update that model anyway...
Orion, looks like you forgot the link... Wink
Thank you Orion, i think i can do the same way.