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Full Version: Part needed
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I recently purchase lego kit 70701, the Galaxy Squad Swarm Interceptor. I wasn't satisfied with how Lego designed it, I didn't like how the front section of the fuselage connects with the back half. It wasn't secure enough for my tastes, so I decided to duplicate in LDraw so I can see where I can substitute pieces to make the connection more secure.

So far there seems to be at least one piece the model needs that isn't available in LDraw. The piece in question is lego piece 4598527 (that part number taken from the model's assembly manual). It is also known as part #92280: Plate, modified 1 x 2 with clip on top.

Here is a link to what the piece looks like, leads to Bricklink.
Piece 92280

Perhaps this part does exist in LDraw, but under a different part name and number, perhaps it doesn't. If it does I would appreciate it if someone here can point me to it. If it is missing, I think someone should model it as soon as possible.
Or you can download it on Peeron.com