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Full Version: Lpub : steps not correctly displayed in a submodel...
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I have a problem viewing a model in Lpub. In a 17 steps submodel the 9 first steps are correctly displayed but from the 10th ones only the bill of material continue tu appear, not the model.
When I open this submodel directly in Lpub it's well displayed.

Does someone have already see this problem, or have an idea of the root cause ?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Hello Fabrice,

I guess you mean when you open it directly in LDView or similar you are seeing the model correctly?

LPub is behaving sometimes like a little princess :-) I do not mean that in a bad way it is just that you need to take care of the Meta commands and the order of the Meta commands.

I think there is something wrong with them, i.e. you swap the view, aligment etc. and then LPub adds Meta commands but does not remove the "old" ones. So you end up having the line ALLOC HOIZONTAL and ALLOC VERTICAL immediately in succession. This can lead to a display that is not intended.

In case of missing steps it might be that the MULTI-STEP command has an incorrect syntax due to certain changes.

Do you mind uploading/emailing the file to have a look?


Hello Gerald,

Thank you for your answer.
Here is the file not correctly displayed. After hours looking what is wrong I only find one thing : the main file was saved as .ldr and not as .mpd. I don't know if it can be the cause so I made the decision to reorganise all the file to ensure that it's a .mpd file. I'm beggining but it seems that it works fine.
I'm of course really instering to know if you find what is the trouble in the attached file.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Gerald,

Some hours later looking for the cause of this problem, I think I found something.
The problem in the submodel appear as soon as I introduce the following line at the beggining of the main model to reduce the scale :


Modifying the scale step by step seems to be OK, so I'm doing that.

Any idea of the reason of this problem ?

Hi Fabrice,
The file you share is only one submodel, we can't debug the problem without seeing the whole thing...
Quote: the main file was saved as .ldr and not as .mpd
That shouldn't hurt...
The scale should not matter, that works fine. If you mind sharing the whole model as Philo whrote would help
Hello Gerald, hello Philippe,

Sorry for the delay, here is the complete file. As you will see, the model doesn't appear in the submodel (from Step 15), only the bill of material is displayed. You were write, the scale doesn't seem to be the problem, because in that case it's not modified.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
Hello Fabrice,

I'm not sure if this is the correct file as you refer to a Bill of Material which is not included in theis file (META Command is not there)

I have attached pics how Step 15 looks in my Lpub and LDView.

[Image: 9238288692_50eb19e316.jpg]

[Image: 9235508059_bfafbfe792.jpg]

I can see the submodel in step 15.

May be you try "Tools" -> "Clear Assembly Image Cache" or form the "Ldraw-File Panel" -> "Redraw"

I have attached the file again with the submodel condensed to 3 pages and still giving me a good result.

By the way, the submodle differs from the one you posted a few days ago.