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Full Version: Is anybody working on part bb936c01?
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I am looking for the part bb936c01 (Electric Power Functions 4.5V IR Receiver RC Car Base) Is somebody working on this part or has anybody a "draft" version?

Thanks a lot

I'm sorry, but I cannot find a part with that name or number :-(
Could you post a link? Thanks

I don't have that either... I once meant to get a 8183-1 but didn't over monetary reasons.
Thanks, Philo! It seems that bricklink wasn't on my side this time :-)

Sorry, but I don't have this part, too.

I could also not find that part on bricklink like Max Sad
I also do not own this part, sorry Sad
Me neither, but I do have an old mock-up of it, if it helps anyone.
It's based on some pictures.
As a beginning I think it is fine! Thanks
I finally got the part and I try to work it further.