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Full Version: Download section
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Are we ever going to get the old download pages back in their original glory?

It's just to weird to use third party sites to find things like lpub or some of the older tools.

I certainly don't hope the aioi is suppose to replace the individual links because personally I prefer to install everything separate on a when needed base.

Also having those links might increase activity on the forum (which is very quiet lately imho).
The content managers discussed this in the past and also added a module to the site. Problem is maintenance. We therefore set up the software page at the wiki:


which is easily accessible for everyone to update. We invite all programmers to add there progs there. We will then link form the CMS.

I thought the wiki part of the site wasn't ready yet?

Given the download site only references the official downloads and not the other ones on the wiki pages, i was thinking it was test content.

But from your comment I understand it's more a free time problem related to integrating the wiki pages into the main site?
This will be fixed. It's at the top of the list. However, real life has intruded in the last 4-5 months.
Crap, this sucks!

I need a 3D model converter and can't remember which ones were listed on the site.

If it's not there, maybe an earlier or later version of the site has it.
Thank you.