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Full Version: Missing parts from set 7667 - Imperial Dropship: sticker, three patterns
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I'm afraid I don't have the artistic skill or patience for these, but none of them should require new models. Needed are:

* The newer stormtrooper minifig helmet pattern. It can be seen at http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5073/58743...0626_b.jpg on the rightmost minifig in decent resolution. The pattern on the front air vents, the placement and sizing of the exhaust filters on the side, and the sizing and placement of the various grey patches on the sides seem to be the big changes. Part ID 84468.
* The shadow trooper minifig helmet pattern. It can be seen at http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2654/41438...32b2_o.jpg from various angles. It looks to be a recolor of the stormtrooper pattern. Part ID 60489.
* The shadow trooper torso pattern. See the minifig helmet pattern. Part ID 76382.
* The Imperial symbol sticker. Can be seen at http://d13z1xw8270sfc.cloudfront.net/ori...7stk01.jpg with SKU visible. See http://lego.brickinstructions.com/07000/7667/007.jpg for sizing and model placement. I wasn't sure how to color these correctly or size them.

Thanks for any assistance rendered.

EDIT: It appears from other threads that people often ask for/provide high DPI scans. I can provide these on request, though if a scan of the helmet is wanted I might ask for some suggestions on how to do it.