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Full Version: Journey to the Moon - repremiere 40 years later
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Back in 1973 when I was 12, together with my younger cousin I made a 6 minutes Lego film in Super 8, half of it using stop motion animation. Inspired by the popular Apollo program, we built a rocket with several stages and room for the LM, a launch vehicle, an aircraft carrier and many busses, cars and houses. Minifigs were not invented yet, so we used small 1x1 brick men.

The film was a gift to our grandparents' golden wedding anniversary.
After the party our grandparents took the film and us to Billund, where we showed it to Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. He liked it and had a copy made. We, in turn, got a Lego factory tour and got some big sets to take home ;-)

Truly charming! It triggers fond memories from that time Wink
Very nicely done too, especially considering video tools available at that time! (take this statement with a grain of salt: after all, it was the technology of that era that lead us to the moon...)

Thanks for sharing, Lars!
Very nice,

You should do a sequel with the ISS Smile
That is really great. Thank you very much for sharing this. I like to have the same skills in doing films.
Really Great!!
I loved watching this, it felt like traveling in time
This is really great. Especially the "special" effects :-)

Lars, is it OK for you, if I would post a translated version of your entry in the German 1000steine-forum?

Yes, sure, appreciate that
Seems like it is the first known Brickfilm!