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Full Version: Added Parts Different Colour than Older Ones
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Hi there,

I'm currently trying to make a set of instructions for some Lego models I have created in MLCad. I would like to format them so that parts that were added in a previous step are differentiated from the new parts (preferably by making the older parts lighter while the newer ones are in full colour). Is there a way to do this in LPub or MLCad, or is there a better software solution to fit my needs?

Thanks for your time!
This function is build in MLCad already, but I do not know how much you can influence the apperiance.
The older parts are shown as gray parts, whereas the new parts are shown in full color.
LPub is using an external renderer, e.g. LDView, and basically hands over a MPD/LDR file to the renderer to do its job. The colors in those are coded according to the LDraw definistions.

Theoretiocally you could hand the renderer a file where the "old" parts are put in a neutral color, e.g. gray or something that does not occur in the model.

But LPub does not support it as it is.

As Michael wrote MLCAD ist doing it our of the box as it it using its own renderer, dimming "old" parts.

i'd love this option too, in LPub
Have a look at the Buffer Exchange example here. You might be able to use it to achieve something suitable.

Gerald Lasser Wrote:But LPub does not support it as it is.
For the record, older 2.x versions of LPub (non-wysiwig, POV output) did support that. Not that I'm suggesting going back to it Wink
Thank you for all of your responses! They've been very helpful. I've currently managed to export the files from within MLCad so that parts from previous steps are greyed out; unfortunately, the quality of the images is sub par. Is there any way to export the images directly from MLCad (e.g. without using LPub) with a better rendering program?

Thanks again for your help!