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Full Version: Technic Mini Backhoe Loader - small back bucket
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Has anyone has an idea about the part name of the small back bucket of the Technic Mini Backhoe Loader (set 42004).
I checked the official and unofficial list but coulden't find the part. This is strange as I could locate part 30552.dat which is the connecting click-hinge used with the bucket . thanks for your help. mmarc
It is named:
Excavator Bucket 6 x 3 with Click Hinge 2-Finger

The part number is: 30394

Happy building!
I feel a bit embarrassed, because I went several times through the list and apparently completely missed the part. Maybe it is because I am 63. Can I do you a favour by attaching the MLCad file of the finished Mini Backhoe Loader that I prepared for my grandson.
PS: I am still working on a consisted naming to group the parts so that the buckets and arms can be easily moved.
Thanks so much. When you're building with MLCad you can do an easy number search on bricklink.com. Just type the number of the set on the upper right box and choose catologue in the left one. After searching click on (Inv) and search the part you want. Note the part number and use it in MLCad. Just press "p" and search the number or type at least the first one or two digits. So you can easily choose the right part.

Btw: a challenging model. Did you calculate the angels somehow?

wow, amazing work.

to avoid manual angle calculation maybe SR3DBuilder would be the tool of choice?

I'm just replying here because I spotted that the front 32270 wheel isn't positioned correctly on its axle