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Full Version: part 11211 Brick 1x2 modified with 2 studs
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Is it avaiable? I can't find it in the part tracker

ops, you're right sorry! for some reason it was not on my installation.

and what about the crystal 11127 ?

Don't think that one exists yet. It's listed on brickset as appearing only in 28 sets all from 2013, so probably a fairly recent new part.

the part is available in the LDD (since brickset 1007). Attached you can find a uncleaned version.

thanks, i'll use this one for now! Smile
Hey Nicola,

you can find a cleaned version of the part on the parts tracker, now. Please note, that the origin of the part has changed.

[Image: 11127.png]

great, i've saved this one.
Thanks Smile