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I was wondering if anyone would like to make part 64699? Of course in unfolded state.

Thanks in advance Smile
Merlijn / legolijntje
This should not be utterly difficult, but... I don't have the part!
I actually thought someone was going to say "that's a diffcult part...", because of all the clips, holes and thin parts...

Anyway, I can make some pictures if you want. Or measure some things. What exactly do you need? Smile
I don't promise anything yet... but a good scan of the flattened part from both sides plus a photo or two of the folded thing would allow me to make my mind!
I've made some photo's. Unfortunatly the scanner is broken, so I wasn't able to make any scans...
You can view the pictures here. I've also included a picture of the lid, although it's a bit useless (the pictures and the part itself).
If you need any other pics or measurements, just ask.

I hope you can make something, but I also do understand if you decide to not make it. Smile
OK, seems clear...
A few dimensions now:
- Overall width?
- Road width?
- Overall length of narrow sections?
- Thickness of plastic?
- Are these regular pegholes? can you fit Technic pins?
- Height of side bumps?
- Stud distance between pegholes rows across road? Between successive groups?
- Decorations are stickers, right?

(Edit) a close-up photo of the bottom would be appreciated!
Oh, yea, I forgot to mention that the decals are stickers, so you don't have to include them. The holes are normal pin-holes and you can fit a pin, axle, hose or whatever in there. I will measure everythingthing tomorrow Smile

Btw, if you want to make a really detailed version of the part, you have to include 2 engraved LEGO logos on the back... But that's not necesary for the part usage, so the choice is your.
Hi, maybe this could help?

I made a crude mock-up of this part some years ago.
I'ts not very good but I hope that at least the dimensions are right.

It's made in MLCad Baseplate Generator and opens with studs in MLCad, but without studs in LDView.

Use it or loose it...;-)
Yes, that seems to me to be ok for the dimensions.
I should have one of that series in my collection Smile, so I have to dig out that set to verify the dimensions and to be a helping hand here Smile
The Logos are engraved, but mainly because the logo is complete high finish surface (like the bricks) whereas the normal backside is "stoned". I think that is difficult to "build" in Ldraw. A pattern with different materials should work better IMHO.
But I am also think that this is not necessary.
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