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Full Version: Write on a brick in MLCad...
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Does somebody know if it's possible to write a word on a brick in MLCad (like if I use a brick with a sticker or an engraved brick).
Does a plug'in exit to do that ?

Thanks in advance,
There is no plugin. However there is a program for converting text to an LDraw file.


This is exactly what texture mapping is for.

Unfortunately MLCad, being minimally maintained at this point, does not support it. LDView does, however. So does my Mac editor, Bricksmith. I'm not sure what its status is on actively maintained Windows editors such as LDCad or SR3DBuilder. But since those projects are actively maintained, you can always write to their authors and ask them for it.

I also found that : http://www.scottwardlaw.com/Sticker_Generator/
which seems quite easy to use to convert an image (.bmp) in a sticker (.dat) which can be use in MLCad.

I'm just starting to use it so I can't make comment for the moment.

Thanks a lot for your answer Aldan.
Could you precise the method you know to do that ?

Thanks in advance,