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Full Version: 2868b Electric, Train Speed Regulator 9V
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Please make 2868b Electric, Train Speed Regulator 9V


Please, Someone make this part.

Any Comments ??
So many Parts on my todo list. I can only add this one...
I opened one my parts... seems to be not very complex. but creation needs time.

Hi Max

Ok Thanks for the reply.
I hope you will get arround to it soon :-D

Og ja, jeg er også vild med Lego :-)

Please note that I have to write a test in University next Wednesday. So it will take some more time...

just a short update with a little teaser:
I finished the black cover tonight.
Files with sXX.dat must copied to the s-folder. 2869.dat is the cover itself.
I will try to complete the yellow controller in the next days.

Argh, I deleted a wrong file without backup :-(
Now I have to write the work of one day again.

So please be patient...I will do the underside now.

Just a view lines from my side. I'm working on the grey underside since a couple of days but I don't get it to the right dimension...
I think, I have to try it again and again Undecided

Ok, this part is almost finished. Only the holders for the circuit plates a are missing. But while getting these measures I found out, that I did some mistakes on the black part.
I hope, that I will finish the hole part this weekend... (Only a circuit plate dummy and some cosmetics must be done)
Update: I forgot the screws. But this shouldn't be so hard. - The part is almost ready for the wild.

Hi Max

Thanks for the great work.

I look forward to seeing the finished result :-)

Kind Regards
The part is ready and will be uploaded in few hours... is uploaded now.
[Image: 2868c01.png]
I haven't thought that this part is so complex. A lot of calculations had been done by drawing this part in AutoCad :-)

Only the yellow 2 x 2 connector needs to be reworked. I'll do this soon.

(I'll edit this post, when the part is uploaded)

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