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Full Version: existing part request
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There is a technic part 87408 and 87408s01 I copy to the parts folder and start Mlcad, make a scan parts, is says "new parts found! Write new Parts.lst file?" I click yes and if I try to select the part it says "File s\87408s01.dat not found! Continue loading?"
I click yes but the parts isn't there.
Please help me.

Probably you problem is that you put the subpart 87408s01 in the parts folder LDraw\parts instead of subparts folder, LDraw\parts\s

I have done it, I put in a wrong path the files.


yes, we wrote in the same time.
Thank you!
Hehe, quite funny. Actually I did a review of both files without knowing this thread :-)
Double time coincidence Wink Funny indded!