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Hi guys,
I'm new to LDraw and recently I created my own parts in LDraw.
I would like to reuse the small part created in another larger part but I cannot use the small part as a sub-part, should I upload the sub-part to library or just put it in the p file(but seems like it cannot be recognized if I only put the sub-part in p file)?

Do you know what I mean? What should I do, any helps please?
I mean I cannot use Line type 1 to reference my own sub-parts.

How to solve this problem?
OHHHH sorry guys, just put it in the p file will solve this problem=.=
Yes, the folder \p is scanned by the software. Also the folder \parts.

If you use your part only in one other file, you also can put the subpart in the same folder than the calling file as that is the first place each application should search a linetype 1 reference.

Also be aware, that if you put any file in the standard library folders are not present on other systems. You need to ship those files together with your model if you like to share your model with your friends.
Please Note that the p folder is for primitives only. For using sub parts move them to the s folder in your parts folder. In your dat file you have to call this file with s\ for example
1 16 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 s\subpart.dat

Also pay attention to Mike's comment, that this file will be only available on our system.


PS.: Please do not write your subject in capital letters only. This means you are crying to us ;-)