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Full Version: Rebrickable's Parts Images
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Hi all,

For those that don't know me, I am the creator of Rebrickable. I make heavy use of your LDraw library of parts for the images on my site which are rendered via L3P/POV-Ray.

I thought you might be interested to know that I've now made all the images available for easy download from the site http://rebrickable.com/downloads

- Nathan
And for those who haven't checked it out before, Rebrickable is a very cool site.

How is the hi-res logo on the studs created?
LGEO library I guess? Very cool indeed...
Yes, I use LGEO for the large images only. The small ones don't need it plus I had slight color differences between the parts that used lgeo and the ones that didn't.
As far as I know, both LDView and L3P produce stud logo geometry as part of the export process from LDraw to POV-Ray. (The logo is turned off by default.) Additionally, LGEO parts can also themselves optionally include the stud logo. I think I independently created the POV geometry for that myself by hand, but I may have copied the geometry from L3P. (Note: if I copied, I got permission from Lars first.) If you want to see the POV code for it, search for LDXStudLogo in a POV file generated by LDView.
Thanks, I've now found it, but I don't know POV-Ray good enough to translate that into dat-code.

I was curious since I recently created this file:
My file is made in LPC, from a screen-dump of the texmap LDView creates, if I turn on "Texture stud".

We also have this:

Why is there a difference in the position of the letters, if I compare the two files?
Is my version good enough for an eventual "Hi-Res stud.dat"?
I think that I maybe should double the height of the logo.

[Image: stud_with_logo.png]
JC-Tchang has created high quality stud logo: http://jc-tchang.philohome.com/manuel/pa...ogo_tchang
As expected, someone else had allready done it...;-)

didn't we talk about an "alternative parts library" somewere?
I do not know what you mean by "alternative parts library"? Maybe you refer to the discussion because design-ID and item-ID?
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