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Full Version: City Theme 2013
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All of the current year (2013) city sets should be placed here.
My first submission here:

60001 - Fire Chief.mpd

All stickers are missing, both torso are missing and Fire Chief head is missing.

Edit: Missing part added (thanks Philo Smile)
Great job.
can you edit the headline of your post to "60001 - Fire Chief",
so that the set titles appear in the thread overview instead of "Re: City Team 2013"?
Are you talking to me?
If yes, why should I do so. The first post should be a header and all models for "City Theme 2013" should be send as answer to that header.
yes, I was talking to you, and I wanted to simply ask to retitle your Fire Chief post. Orion already did that Smile
Ok, that make sense Smile
I thought I did it already and therefore I did not understand your concerns.