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Full Version: How many parts can I have in a shortcut?
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Is there a limit on how many part I can have in a Shortcut?

I've put together the Horntail Dragon, but think is just too many.
I dislike the idea of all ready-made part shortcuts in the library. I have noticed the attempt from Steffen to add wheel and tyre shortcuts, but have been ignoring them so far. What do you think?

The idea of lego is the fun of putting them together yourself.
Shortcuts are created for to show how the parts fits together is they are not easily put together.
Nowadays we also have shortcuts if LDD numbers are used to identify a colored part.

But we have already done all the fabuland figures against this simple approach.
that was done because the Fabuland figures come readily-assembled from LEGO in the boxes
and play a role like "parts" in everyday building.

plus, having these available as a single entity makes Fabuland set inventories look very beautiful.
the alternative would have been to have those inventories show a left leg, a right leg, an axle, a main body part, a neck part, a head part and two arm parts for each figure, which would - in my eyes - be something worse.