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Full Version: File with all program that are LDraw relevant
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This whole idea currently sounds to me like a solution in search of a problem.
Definitely not! I like to assist the user. Currently you have to set for each application the path for other applications by hand. I am coding very special applications that should use the special purpose of other applications.
I think this would be a big value for the user, but if we can not find a way to solve this then I need to ask the user where the apps are located on his system like we have done for years now.
But you still need to know exactly how to launch each application. This is not something that you should be building in to your code - the user must specify any command-line options themselves, because applications change. And your idea still relies on the user having run each application in order to get it to 'register' itself.
You are right on what you say.

But for that reason, input from others, I mentioned my idea.

So this idea is not going to be practicable!

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