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I just rediscovered LDCalc.

[Image: lineintersection.png]
[Image: triangle.png]
[Image: converter.png]

Now also this little tool has a place on my website.
The old LDCalc was istalled in my program(x86)-folder.

If I copy the files from LDCalc.zip ( into the same folder, I get an error message when I start LDCalc.
"Could not read from LDCalcIni.xml"

If I place the files from in a new folder, I get the same error message when I start LDCalc.

How do I make a correct uninstall/install?
Hm. If I remember right, this message is showing every time you start the programm the first time, as the configuration file LDCalcIni.xml is not found. Once you have choosen "Save" on the options tab this message should not arise anymore.
At the time I wrote that application I wasn't very familar with good messages Smile
Your memory is correct.
I once again copied the files to my LdCalc folder in Programs(x86) and started the program, ignoring the error message.
I then chose options-tab and hit Save. The error message is now gone, when I start the program. Good.
Thanks for reporting your experience.
I think I should change that message for the next release Smile
OTOH I am not sure that this program is used these days, where we have the wonderful tools from Philo.
Hi Mike,

I often see questions like:
- How big in millimeter is a model that is 15x16 stud long?
- How tall in millimeter is a model that is 22 bricks high?

I think it would be great if LDCalc could answer those questions.
I know of four units that could be used; brick long, brick high, plate, stud
( 1 stud = 1 brick long, 1 brick high = 3 plate)
Like this ?

Just rename it and let me know it works like you expected. Then I should release this as next version. The bad message is still in this build - sorry.
Well done!
It seems to be based on converter.
For the friends of the imperial system it would also be nice to get the results in inches, I think.

Do you think there are people that still use the imperial inch? Wink
Ok, I'll add that too in the same way and release it after that.
Thanks for your testing.
It would be great if someone can confirm that the new features works like expected before i release the new version.

Just rename the attached file.

Thanks for your support.
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