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Full Version: LDPatternCreator - Release 1.4.7
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Here is the new stable LPC 1.4.7 release with improvements in usability and precision.

Please uninstall older versions of this software before installing a new version.

Change log:

New features:
  • The recommended projection mode will be marked (with a black "x")
  • A saved file now appears on the "recent used" list.
  • The projector feature is improved.
  • The size and position of main and satellite windows will be remembered.
  • On export, the "subfile-deletion" question is not shown anymore.
  • You can now convert projection data to template data by clicking on "File"->"Projection Data -> Template".
  • Minor improvemets on the template editor.

Fixed bugs from 1.4.6 and older:
  • The "Unsaved Changes" warning appears unwanted after the first file load.
  • The template editor does not delete templates.

(see full list of tickets for 1.4.7)

As always, I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

Quote:The recommended projection mode will be marked (with a black "x")
Nice touch!
Thanks, Nils.
Just downloaded and installed this on win8.
Looks very good - but I would prefer not to work as admin with this tool!
Hi Nils,

I just love your program, and am eagerly waiting for 3D editor.

I recently ran into some problems with LPC 1.4.7
The View-pref (F6) and Image (F5) windows completely dissapeared from view. This was a fact after a failed save, perhaps abruptly ended by me.
I could turn them on/off by pressing F5/F6. I could see that they were activated when I tried to shift window by using alt+Tab. But I couldn't see them.
Restarting / reinstalling the program didn't help.

In the end I made a search for a previous version of config.cfg and replaced that file in the program folder, and hey, they were back in view.

I now think that these two menues/windows somehow were placed "outside" my desktop. Somewhere were I could not see them.

Why are these two little windows "hugging" my screen? They stay "allways on top" on my pc (win7 (64)).
I have to close them, before I shift to another open program/window, like MLCad or Firefox.
Hi Magnus,

replacing / deleting the existing config.cfg file is currently the only possibility to fix this issue. I noticed that the two windows are flagged with a "TopMost" attribute and will investigate to change this. As I understand, the windows should

- 1. Not stay on top.
- 2. Not getting placed outside the screen.
This version is a bit outdated, but it is currently installed on my system, so I write what I found.

I have made a little 10 x 10 bitmap with some pixel in black.

If I load this picture into LDPatternCreator all the clear corners are gone! The picture will be antialised and what else.

I would have expected that the picture is shown like it is in real in the file and not any approximation.

How can I disable this behaviour?
Hello Mike. I just released version 1.5.4 to address your requirement.
Feature request:

* I'd like to convert a x-xdisc.dat into its negative x-xndis.dat AFTER I have rotated/positioned/scaled it. I would copy'n'paste the disc primitive and then convert it in order to have the counterpart aligned it with its proper disc primitive.
* It looks like CANNOT group a disc primitive with its ndis primitive to move then both primitive to a new location
* Mirror the Group/Ungroup toolbar command to the Edit menu

Thanks, w.