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Full Version: "New" tags disappeared from main list
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Yesterday when I was here, there was a red "New" tag next to each forum in the main forum list that had new posts. Today, those are gone. I thought they were quite useful. Were they removed intentionally?
Maybe it's a side effect of adding the Recent Messages module. I'll look into it but since I just finished reading all the new posts, I'll have to wait.
I didn't visit the forum since yesterday, but I had some folders correctly telling "new" and some others without tag, despite there were new posts 3 hours ago...
I haven't noticed any missing/disappearing "new" tags, but I've been watching the red flags/speech balloons on the left side and noticed that I need to "refresh" to update them sometimes. Lugnet links just turn purple after reading and don't require an F5 refresh to update them. Any chance you could get this forum to do that?

Also I like the way lugnet can squeeze many more posts on a page like this:


It's much easier to catch up on what's new than with this view:


Way too much scrolling to get around the wasted space. However if the new item flags can follow the user instead of the browser that might be a win over lugnet.
I'll look into the formatting of recent messages.

The read flags do follow the user. I routinely switch between my computer and my iPhone and have no issues.
Well, they're back now. Not sure what was up.