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Below is the final working draft of the OMR Spec submitted for your approval. As a request I would ask that if you significantly change the wording of this draft, please resubmit for public comment.

The Offical Model Repository Specification
Version: 1.0.0 Draft
Ratified: XX/XX/XXXX
Author: Orion Pobursky

The Official Model Repository (OMR) is a database of file in the LDraw File Format describing models that are released as sets by LEGO®.

For consistency between models and ease of indexing by software, a standard for the file headers, names, and hierarchy in the OMR is needed. This document will outline the extra requirements (in addition to those set forth in the current LDraw File Format specification) for a model to be included in the OMR

Base Requirements:
All files in the model will conform to the current LDraw File Format

Base File Naming:
Each model in the OMR will consist of several files that are packaged together into a single MPD file. For sets that include instructions for multiple models, each model will have its own MPD file. Each MPD for the set will be named in the following manner:

<Set Number> - <Set Name> - <Sub Model Name>

<Set Number>: the number assigned on the container of the set
<Set Name>: The name of the set printed on the container in Australian English
<Sub Model Name>: This is Optional in most cases. This is required for alternate models that are detailed in instructions (e.g. the Creator theme). In this case the naming is left to the discretion of the author but should be descriptive of the model contained in the MPD.

For playsets or other sets where there are multiple models that are part of an integral whole, all of the submodels will be contained in one MPD.

The creator set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters has 3 models in the instructions:
Set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Roadster.mpd
Set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Dragster.mpd

MPD File Structure
The MPD will conform to the MPD File Specification.

Each filename will have the structure:
<Set Number> - <Optional Qualifier> - <Individual filename>
<Set Number> is the the number printed on the model's container
<Optional Qualifier> is a sequential number, starting with 1, added if there are more than one sets that could be assigned <Set Number>.
<Individual filename> is up to the discretion of the author with the following guidance:
- A logical naming scheme is highly desired.
- Individual models in the set (e.g. a vehicle or minifig) shall have their own separate file inside the MPD.
- Minifig file name should have the name of the character, if known

The unofficial parts are allowed to be used. The filename of the unofficial part is subject to the naming rules above (e.g. 33056.dat would be renamed to <MPD Filename> - 33956.dat). It is highly encouraged that any parts created for use in a OMR file be submitted to the LDraw.org Parts Tracker.

If a part is unavailable either officially or on the LDraw.org Parts Tracker, a suitable substitution may be made. If the unavailable part is a patterned part with an unpatterned version available use the unpatterned version. A comment should be inserted stating that a substitution has been made or, if no substitution is available/suitable, that a piece has been omitted. Reference the step and page number of the instructions if possible.

0 // The next piece should have the Star Wars Hatch pattern per step X on page Y
0 // Bionicle piece X should go here per step Y on page Z

File Headers
Each individual model file in the MPD must have a standard header format.

Standard Header:
0 FILE <Filename>.ldr
0 <Individual filename>
0 Name: <Filename>.ldr
0 Author: <Author Name> [Username]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Model -OR- 0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Model
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !THEME Theme name
0 !KEYWORDS words, more words,…,
0 !KEYWORDS words in second row, …, final words

0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] Free text description of change. This can wrap to a
0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] second row with the same date if necessary. However authors should lean toward writing longer
0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] single !HISTORY lines(and not feel constrained to the historic 80-character limit on line length)

<Filename>: The name of the file using the rules specified in the MPD File Structure section
<Individual filename>: The name of the individual file using the rules specified in the MPD File Structure section
<Author Name>: The name of the author. Real full names (first and last) are required by the LDraw.org Contributer's Agreement
[Username]: The LDraw.org username of the author
Optional commands are !THEME, !KEYWORDS, and !HISTORY

0 FILE 4896 - Roadster Main.ldr
0 Roadster Main
0 Name: 4896 - Roadster Main.ldr
0 Author: Joe Smith [jsmith]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Model
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !THEME Creator
0 !KEYWORDS car, convertible

0 !HISTORY 2011-08-01 [jsmith] Initial creation

META commands:
All META commands are allowed in the model file but not specifically required except as specified for the header. If included, any META commands used should enable any instructions generated to be as close to the official instructions as possible.
I've started a thread in the lsc forum.

Dear LSC,

please ratify this as quick as possible.

Following along with the discussion in the LSC forum, I need to clarify something. The file name requirements in the MPD File Structure section refer to the file name after the FILE and Name: META Commands, not to the noun name of the file (i.e. the first line after the FILE META). The is demonstrated in the header sample but isn't clear in the MPD File Structure section. This means that unofficial parts will have their file names different but not the noun names.
Other than the ambiguity about the meaning of <Filename>, my suggested part example does this, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
I'm agreeing with you here. The noun name of the part stays the same, the only thing that changes is the filename. That is the intent of the spec even if it doesn't express it very well.
More on that latest discussion by the LSC:

Mirroring, amonst other things, isn't one of those things that's a deal killer for me. Model authors are not parts authors. Most have much, much less knowledge of the nuts and bolts of things. Consequently, my personal standard of measure is much lower for models. Instead of exacting detail, I feel it shoud be "does this model look like what it's trying to represent?". Yes, it would be nice to be able to use OMR models to produce instructions or parts lists but it shouldn't be required.
really, a curiosity, not a genuine concern. and somehow it's been a month since I looked in this particular forum, so I'm late to the game.

The 8/25 OMR spec update introduced a requirement to use "Australian English" for set names. I didn't see any discussion around that on any OMR spec post. Is there a particular reason to specify which version of English? I'm in the US: I ought to be able to use the name printed on the box I open from which I pull out the instructions I use rather than checking peeron or bricklink or whatever to find out what the same set is called in Australia.

Or, maybe I'm just taking it too literally?
James Jessiman, the creator of LDraw, was Australian. Tradition has dictated that we use Australian English spelling in part name (e.g. Tyre vice Tire) so I extended that to the OMR. I thought we specified this somewhere for parts but I can't find that reference right now.
I can't find the references to Australian English either but I know I've seen them before. I've even offered (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) advice before on naming where people used British rather than Australian terms.

There is a little problem with extending it to sets though: Australian sets traditionally don't have a name printed on them. You had to go to the catalogue for that and even that wouldn't guarantee a name.

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