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Full Version: OMR Spec - Official Submission to the LSC
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The word "set" is a typo and wasn't intended... Simple admin edit to remove.
With this specification we collidate with the LDraw File Format specification:
Quote:File Name
The requirement for LDraw files to conform to the DOS 8.3 filename convention has been removed. Filenames should not exceed 255 characters (including the extension). For reasons of cross-platform and cross-(programming) language portability, the use of white space characters (such as space and tab) in filenames is strongly discouraged. Other special characters, such as &, #, |, and ?, should be avoided as they may also cause cross-platform issues and create problems when used in URLs. It is noted that long filenames and filenames with non-DOS permitted characters may not work with (older) software that does not fully support this specification.

We have to adjust the specs to each other quickly!

I would change the naming convention in the LDraw File Format specification 1.0.0 with allowing blanks in .ldr and mpd files and keep the restriction solely for official .dat files.

Yes, that is also what I was thinking about. It is up to the coming LSC to adjust this quickly.

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