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Full Version: Bending pieces?!
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Hi there,

just learned to use LeoCAD and I'm trying to build none other than 10179 Millenium Falcon. One step is to bend a Lattice piece, or "Boat Rigging 5x27 Trapezoid" around the back engine thrusters, point is, I need to bend it... I can't in Lego DD, so I figured I'd try a much better program, LDraw.

Am I missing something, or is it not a capability? Is it available in MLCad?

Thank you people.
Sorry, but bending pieces is not possible in (so far I know) any application. There is no possibility to achieve bending by math for the transformation matrix and therefore bended pieces needs to be created as a single new part.
Only for rubber rings, chains, strings and tubes there are build in possibilities (in MLCad - LSynth) but they do not bend parts in real.
Just to clarify LeoCAD can not bend rubber rings, chains, strings and tubes?

LDCad 1.2 (which I'm still working on) can bend just about any part as long you provide a suitable donor (primitive) and aren't scared of fiddling with lots of options.

I'm hoping to release a test (alpha) version later this week.
I did not work with LeoCad so far, so i can't tell, sorry.
No, LeoCAD doesn't support flexible parts so far - though Leonardo made some experimentations in the past. So hopefully he will add this feature some day...!