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Full Version: Problem with Conditional Lines
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I have been using different versions of LPUB and LDview in the past without

Also the most recent ones, LPub V4.0.0.11 along with LDView 4, were working in
the past (till 2 month ago) without issues.

Now I tried to render another Instruction and I got all the conditional lines in
the instructions.

I tried several settings in LDView before launching LPUB to switch off the
Contitional Lines.

I tried LDView from the commandline by myself to see when I can force the
Conditional lines, I succeeded with "-ConditionalHighlights=1"

Now I went through the code of LPUB on Sourceforge and I saw in the rendering
part that indeed this "-ConditionalHighlights=1" is set.

This made me really confused because I installed LPUB ...11 quite some time back
and then it was working fine... no other reinstall in the meantime...

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot!

I finally could solve it by simply using a "Preset" in LDView (which useed the same setting I did manually). Even then after playing around with the line settings again I was able to swicht the conditional lines on and off...

So it works for now, but still leaves me somehow confused...