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Full Version: How to name 2-sided heads?
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When I uploaded my Superman head I asked this question.

I think that we should find a nomenclature for the twosided heads.

I can find five previous parts:
3626bpq0.dat "Minifig Head Mummy Face 2-Sided with 2 Eyes / 1 Eye Pattern"
3626bpq1.dat "Minifig Head Mummy Face 2-Sided with 2 Eyes / Gold Death Mask"
3626bph4.dat "Minifig Head with Gregory Goyle/Harry Potter Pattern"
3626bph5.dat "Minifig Head with Vincent Crabbe/Ron Weasley Pattern"
3626bpsc.dat "Minifig Head with SW Grey Eyebrows & Implant Pattern"

I would like to add the word "2-Sided". But where, and how should it be written? Or not?
End quote

My suggestion now, when perhaps the 64-character ban is lifted, all two-sided heads must end with ".....2-Sided Pattern".

Any comments?
That sounds good to me.