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Full Version: Official "Subfiles" That are not longer used
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I'm still reworking the official library.
Just a few minutes ago I opened 206b.dat. As I can see, this part is no longer used in any parts. It is more or less replaced by a newer one, but the dimension is a little bit different. What should I do, with this part? Create a "moved to" or mark it as obsolete or or or...

For backwards compatibility I would just add an "obsolate". On the other hand - why touching that file that is not used anymore.
I know you took it from the list I have put in the forum.
The list is generated just based on the picture I could get from LDFind (special build for BFC) and i noted all parts that are not green. Smile So all the obsolate parts are also in that list.
May I suggest that we extend the LDRAW syntax to make the obsoletion recognizable by tools?

Possible solutions:

0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Shortcut
syntax to
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Shortcut (Obsolete)


introduce a new meta
I too find/make a lot of orphanized files, in my atempt to correct all files using code 383 as printed silver.
Are everyone OK with that, that we just leave them as they are?
We need to carry them in the official library for backwards compatibility. So newly created parts or models do not depend on that. If we leave that parts just like they are now, we will be for sure backward compatible Smile
So I say - don't touch.
AFAIK obsolete parts routinely have their title changed to "~Obsolete". This is easily recognised by tools that choose to do so, and has the additional benefit that the user can see that the part is obsolete without requiring the editor they use to be updated to recognise a new meta-command.
I can not confirm this!
With LDFind you can search for ~obsolete -> only four matches!
But there are many more parts with (Obsolete) in the part description.
Seems to be a minority then, but you'd need to scan for both "(Obsolete)" and "~Obsolete" in order to catch everything. There's also a difference: ~Obsolete files contain no geometry data, just a !HELP explaining why they exist. Some (Obsolete) files are effectively ~Moved to files under a different name (eg 2440p68.dat), others (eg 977.dat) are more complicated.

I still don't agree that a spec-change is needed for this, though. There are only 27 files marked as obsolete so it's not exactly a major problem.
Am I expected to provide such a file to Admin, if I inline a subfile into a updated patterned part?
Or is the PartTracker keeping track of this "automagically"?
I'm honestly not sure! I think in the past when I've done something that required a ~Moved to file then I created it and emailed it to Chris for upload, but I'm also fairly sure I've seen him create them for other people, so... :-)
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