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Full Version: LDraw Parts Tracker now uses LDView
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I am pleased to announce that the LDraw Parts Tracker has been updated to render its images using LDView, instead of ldglite.

Thanks to Travis Cobbs for building a version of LDView on the server and to Don Heyse for all his previous support for ldglite.

Would you be interested in having a lightweight WebGL-based viewer of the parts incorporated into the PT system so that users could rotate, zoom, etc. the part right in their web-browser without needing to download/open the part?
You should really drop Chris a line - with the impressive number of post we are recently facing things get overlooked.

If feasible this would be awesome!
It is not only possible, but it has been done before:


I'd like to see if this new one will have a good set of the display features like LDView does.

Scott W.
There is one subtlty in the LUGNET posting that you reference - "a fully inlined model".

I'm not sure I see how a WebGL-based viewer could inline all the subparts and primitives referenced by the individual PT file. The LDView implementation on the back-end has access to the full unofficial and official libraries.