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Full Version: Webmasters: we need a new forum platform
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This forumis very anitquated it could use updating. May I suggest phpBB?
You may suggest it, but phpBB is kind of crappy so we won't be using it. We like threaded messages here and Phorum is one of the few packages that offers them.

Could you explain what features phpBB offers (and you are missing) that the current forums do not?

I like this forum software, despite its quirks
One of the worst thing is that it shows only one message at a time. I'm ok with threaded threads, but it should display more messages. Having to request a new page for each message is unoptimal, given also that the server is not very fast (here it takes about 10 second to open a page). I often loose track of the discussion.
Maybe we don't speak of the same thing, but here I see a complete thread with all messages?!
Please try setting your prefered options in the control center
I didn't know you could do that. It definitely makes for easier reading. Thanks!

Lugnet had those nice "Entire thread on one page" links on each page, so at least I found them there.

Given how long it takes to load a page, I think perhaps this should be the default. I know I set my profile to display messages this way, and it appears that a number of people weren't aware it was possible. I suspect most people would prefer the "all messages for a thread on one page" mode.
I had no idea there was a 'one post' view. It's been threaded for me since I got my account.

I think Orion is underwater again so it's up to Willy or me to try to find the setting to make that the default. I'll sniff around.

EDIT: I sniffed around but couldn't find anything. It might require server access to change. Which unfortunately means I can do nothing but add it to the list.

I had no idea there was a 'one post' view.

I like that view, so I can focus on the current post. Smile
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