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Full Version: Call for Votes: Make MPD support required
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Please vote on the proposal below. Please modify the Subject to include your name and vote, in addition to giving your vote in the text.

Change the LDraw File Format spec:
  • Update the LDraw file format version number to 1.1.0. Note: 1.1.0 was chosen instead of 1.0.2, as this change was thought to be too big for such a minor version number change.
  • Add the following sub-section under the "Basic parsing / file content" sub-section of the "LDraw Files" section:
    Quote:Multi-Part Dat (MPD)
    Any LDraw file, no matter its file extension, may be a Multi-Part Dat file (file with other files wrapped inside). This is done using the MPD Language Extension.
  • Change the "MPD Statements" sub-section of the "META Commands" section to be as follows:
    Quote:Support for the MPD Language Extension is required.

Also, update the File Format Restrictions for the Official Library spec. Add the following new paragraph to the "META Commands" section directly above its last paragraph (the one starting with "Legacy parts"):
Quote:To reiterate: No other meta-commands (including the MPD meta-command) are allowed in official parts.
I vote Yes.
I vote Yes
I vote yes.
I vote Yes.
Since 1 week has passed since this call for votes was made, and we have 4 YES votes, the motion passes. I don't appear to have the right to edit the two documents in question. Would someone who does have access please make the specified changes?

looking at:


or the Admin log it seams that this has still to be changed. Please confirm.