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Full Version: Gold color?
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It seems that color code 82, metallic gold, was changed in latest ldconfig.ldr. It now looks dark and brownish (it could be a convincing copper color!). Is this intended? what color code should I use to get the right color in patterns or gold painted parts?
#DBAC34 -> #8C5C20
[Image: oldcol82.png][Image: newcol82.png]
It was by someone else's request :-)

the problem with these colors is that they are different shades at different angles of light.

I'm happy to make it a bit lighter...I'll look at it today.

Scott W.
Thanks, Scott.
Mmhhh... I can see this discussion http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...76#pid4376, but as far as I can tell it concerns the addition of a new copper color, not the modification of existing gold color? imho previous value (#DBAC34) looked pretty good...
I agree to Philo !
So you guys prefer this:
[Image: 6256pb02.jpg?1]

instead of this:
[Image: 6256pb03.jpg?1]

They are both the same color, just different light settings.

I think so, yes... I looked again both versions, old color is right (new one is definitely too dark and too red).
Yes, I think the old one is right.
OK, I will change it back to the old color (#DBAC34).

I'm still waiting for any more 2013 colors to come out, but I don't expect any new additions, but one possible:

Bricklink lists Glow in the Dark White and Glow in the Dark Opaque.

I have been hesitant to add Glow in the Dark White, but I don't own any of those pieces to know if the color really is different.

Anyone own a Glow in the Dark White and a Glow in the Dark Opaque piece that can confirm a difference in color?