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Full Version: Looking for huge (mpd) models
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I'm looking for some huge (jet serious / realworld) LDraw models. I'm talking 10.000+ pcs in MPD format.

Does anyone know of good websites offering LDraw files of such mocs ? Or maybe you got some of your own.
The copy of Datsville that I have has 37,655 parts (according to LDView's HTML parts list). I'm not exactly sure where (if anywhere) this lives on the Internet, though.
datville might a be a bit too large Smile

I have "town_full_cleaned.mpd" from nov 2009 don't know the exact brick count but it seems incomplete. (I've gotten it from the svn a year ago orso).

I don't think it's 37000 parts though (it's doing 10fps in LDCad 1.1b while a 5000+ model does 30fps). Where did you get your version?
I don't remember where I got my version, but it's not the boxified version. You might have the boxified version (where bricks with bricks above and below them have been converted into boxes). On my work computer, LDView displays it at 4.6FPS with default settings (7.5FPS with stud textures turned off). For comparison, LDView on that same machine display's Orion's 10030 model (3020 parts) at 15FPS (18.7FPS with stud textures turned off). So despite the high part count of datsville, the part complexity is relatively low.
It's not the boxed version (no .box references in the mpd), it just seems my rendering code scales weird (in a good way).

Anyway the whole reason I'm in search of more large models is so I can compile a nice test set for benchmarking when I start tinkering (after the flexible part stuff) with a full non fixed pipeline rendering implementation for LDCad (bigger models are better to see overall performance differences).

So any other (complex) big moc's are very welcome.
I build a file for you. LDView crashed on combiling. MLCad works.
I assume that that approx. 11.000 pieces are used.
Thanks, but I was kinda hoping for single models instead of combined scenes.

Although this seems to be a good test scene, it does ~32fps when zoom to fit. I now also realized why my renderer scales weird, it's because in big scenes edges are not drawn unless you zoom in on e.g. the 3 white ships (fps drops to 13 in that case). Still not bad for 11,000 pieces Smile

I'm really curious if a 100% custom shader approach (non fixed pipeline) would perform better on modern VGA cards.

ps: is this file combined with the new MPD center? Is that where the ~*~ bits come from, cause * isn't allowed on most filesystems.
ps: is this file combined with the new MPD center? Is that where the ~*~ bits come from, cause * isn't allowed on most filesystems.
Yes, first i had && as delimiter but that gave trouble on web pages. Any good suggestion for the delimiter is highly wanted.
Better late then never. I read your post and thought of my model of Sinterklaas.
Very nice, thanks.

One question though, why are half of the bricks mirrored? At first I thought you drawn half the model and mirrored the whole submodel, but it seems every brick it self is mirrored.
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