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Full Version: Happy New Year !
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(all is in subject...)
and the same to you!!
Pour Philo: Bonne année!
För Magnus: Gott nyt år!

for everybody: Happy new year!

Thanks a lot Philo.

To all of you my greetings and best wishes for the new year.


I am wondering about the time of the answers, they are earlier than the main message ?
Happy New Year !     Philippe Hurbain    17    January 01, 2013 12:14AM
Re: Happy New Year !     Magnus Forsberg        9    January 01, 2013 01:12AM
Re: Happy New Year !     Max Martin Richter    9    January 01, 2013 01:35AM
Michael, the time is right. 12:00 AM means "0:00 Uhr" and 1 AM is "1 Uhr" ;-)
Sorry, to the non German speakers here.

Every day learn something new Smile Thanks for giving this hint.
Happy 2013!