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Full Version: Where can I find this part in LDraw?
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this is my very first post here and I'm ashamed for that Wink
Because I'm running this index on EuroBricks and I'm a good contributor and made many models. And I'm a great LDraw fan and I'm even experimenting a bit with making missing patterned parts for LDraw, but I never ever joined this forum!?

Anyway, I'll get to my question:
there is this part on Bricklink, and I'm wondering where I can find it in the LDraw parts? The small picture on Bricklink suggests that it exists.
As far as I know this part is not yet created in Ldraw library. The small picture seems to me taken from an official TLG instruction.
I don't think it's taken from the instructions. If you take a look at the instructions, the door isn't showed alone anywhere and since it's such an old set, the instructions didn't inlcude an partslist.

EDIT: well, it seems that it can be photoshopped a bit; it looks like it's pulled out at step 6.

Well, thanks anyway, now I know it doesn't exist.