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Full Version: Tile 2 x 2 with Radar Scope Pattern?
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I was trying to build this:

but, I found out that there was no
in LDraw parts library.

As I checked, there are only 2 LEGO models, where this part is used and in 2 accessories pack, so it's very rare.

Anyway, does anyone in any chance have that part?

It's a simple part, just a tile with radar scope on it, I thought I could make it myself, but I don't understand, how to use those weird LEGO CAD programs. They are just like made for program developers themselves. But I would appreciate if anybody could give a tutorial, that is not only for LEGO CAD program developers.
I can do it. Give me one or two days, and the file should be on the tracker.

I'll post it when it will be done.

I must admit Ldraw part authoring can fear at first sight, but believe me, it's far away from being weird...

Be sure that its not that complicated if you put some time in it.
I've learnt a lot here: JC Tchang website.
It's in French but has all you would ever need to reach quite a decent level in part authoring.

You can also parse Ldraw website, to find tutorial.

Maybe someone else can give some links to authoring tutorial (in English).

Stay tuned for the part.
Done : here.

But it still needs some corrections and part number might change, so you should wait a bit until its getting certified.
Simple and perfect.
Thanks a lot! Smile)

I have a dream to build all popular 90's LEGO models. So, each part will count. I will be back for more rare part requests probably, unless, I learn how to make them myself first.
If I ever do manage to learn, I might as well release my own, how-to tutorial for newbs just like me.

Now, to tell the author of SR3D to implement better rotation! >.<
Damien Roux Wrote:
> Maybe someone else can give some links to
> authoring tutorial (in English).